OSD Scuba Diving

Mexico is among the most intriguing scuba dive destinations in the Caribbean. If offers a huge range of different fish and coral to places like Thailand. While out in this area of the world good vehicle storage can be vital. The western Caribbean coast of Mexico has been made world famous by the cenotes. Tourists have to experience the easy cave penetrations and crystal clear waters by themselves. Many companies offering worldwide flights and holidays offer trips to Mexico. There are direct flights to Mexico with a variety of schedule and charter airlines that make getting to Cancun straightforward. Visitors can plan their dive holidays around their holidays. As soon as they land, tourists find themselves in a magical land with hot breezy days and diving that will not disappoint. 

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Scuba diving in the country is as varied as it gets. Visitors can begin with the wonderful reef dive around Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. In these locations, one can find sites that suit all levels of diving experience, ranging from beginner to experienced instructors. Drifts and steep wall dives pave way to other dives on shallow scenic reefs. Turtles, eagle rays, whale sharks and nurse sharks can all be found on these reefs, as well as schools of lesser reef inhabitants. The locations have an open airy structure, meaning that one does not have to possess a cave diving certification in order to experience this excellent underwater world.

However, taking a scuba diving trip to Mexico can often leave someone overwhelmed with the preparations to be made. Irrespective of how far in advance one plans, it appears as if there is a flurry of last minute checks to take care of. Much of the stress can be avoided by planning ahead. One tip involves getting airline tickets early, s such tickets are usually cheaper in advance. It is advisable to make reservations at least three months in advance, if it is possible. This is particularly true if someone plans to travel to the country in the peak travel season or during a holiday. Also, tight connections should be avoided. Relaxing in an airport is always better than sweating profusely while rushing to a boarding gate.

Tourists should ensure that they research and book their reservations for accommodation in advance. Just like airline tickets, at least three months in advance for peak seasons, and two months for off peak seasons is recommended. Also, one should ensure that they have all the necessary paperwork done in advance. To travel to Mexico, one must have a passport and visa.

Scuba diving can be done in Mexico all year round. In January, the air temperature usually drops slightly to a warm mid 20s. However, it is generally around 30 degrees for the remainder of the year. During the summer months, there is a slightly more chance of rain, but water temperatures constantly range between 27 and 30. This means that irrespective of when a tourist goes to Mexico, he or she only needs warm water gear. All in all, it is advisable to lightweight, casual clothing like shorts, T shirts and short-sleeved shirts. For those planning to go inland for scuba diving, they should carry quick drying long pants and lightweight long-sleeve shirts. Also, sunny days may require sunglasses.